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Dear neighbour!

Almost 24,000 people live in St. Pauli. You’re one of them. St. Pauli needs your voice. Your opinion should be heard.

In February 2014 many people gathered in the quarter assembly St. Pauli in order to take charge of the quarter’s problems and to make St. Pauli their own. That won’t work without you!

So we have compiled this questionnaire. We have come together as inhabitants of St. Pauli with the goal that every voice shall be heard. Take some time and tell us what you think about St. Pauli.

This poll marks the start of „Stimmen von St. Pauli“ (Voices of St. Pauli). There are more initiatives like this one to come. The next quarter assembly will presumably be in September.

Please note that this poll is conducted completely anonymously!

Take part and share this questionnaire with others. Now to the questions:

1. Which changes in St. Pauli do you like?

2. What bothers you in St. Pauli?

3. What are your wishes for St. Pauli?

4. How much do you feel represented by Hamburg's politics?
(Please give a "school mark")

Very good =  1 2 3 4 5 6 = not at all...


5. Who should decide upon the planning of the Esso Häuser estate?
(Multiple choices possible)

 The inhabitants of the quarter The owner Bayerische Hausbau The district Mitte Someone else:


6. How do you support refugees in St. Pauli?

 On demonstrations With money With donated items Mentally Not at all With:

7. Which topic should be discussed at the next quarter assembly?

8. Finally a few personal points if you like. You don't have to fill them in. You can only fill in some points. The information would help us to assess the burden from rents in St. Pauli.

 I have been living in St. Pauli for years

 I have been working in St. Pauli for years

I live in the street

From my/our monthly income we pay for the rent

I am years old

The questionnaire has been closed.

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